Sunday, July 16, 2006

Eight o'clock Charlene

I have been working at the ranch for the last 6 days, and rarely got home before 9pm, which is why I have not posted very much. After the days work I often ride my horse, or walk down the hill. During these trips over the last month or so I noticed that at about 8 o'clock every evening a skunk found hunting grounds under the trees at the bottom of the hill. This skunk never took notice of anyone, horse or man except a few times when we surprised each other during a horse ride. I backed off and the skunk made his way back to his home. Today I went down the hill with specific plans to get a photo of this skunk. I started down the hill about 7:45 and when I reached the area where I had seen the skunk yesterday, I saw no signs of her. As an alternative I went to the horse pasture and spent a while photographing the foals some more. About 8:15 I looked over the fence and saw that the skunk had arrived. I stopped my horse photography for a bit and went over the fence and photographed the skunk.

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