Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sketchbook: Suspended Power

Tonight was my regular Sketching in the Galleries night. The assignment tonight was to find a painting in the American Section and draw part of the painting that stood alone as an independent composition. I chose the Turbine in Charles Scheelers' Suspended Power.

Corn and Green Chili Waffle Parmesian

This morning I made another "Non-Sweet" Waffle Breakfast. This time I used a mixture of green chili and corn I had prepared for cornbread and added it to a mult-grain pancake/waffle mix. I also added some diced Bernier black olives.
I topped this waffle with bacon, 2 eggs (yolks broken but not scrambled), and topped with parmesian cheese and baked in a 350 degree oven til egg was cooked.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Texas Cutting Futurity

Next week (Oct 30-Nov 5) I will be photographing the Texas Cutting Futurity at the H.O.T. Dodge Arena in Waco, Texas. The photo above is from last years event. Last year the days were 22 hours long. More days were added this year so hopefully we will be done at a reasonable hour each evening and trainers will have an opportunity to work their NCHA Futurity Horses on fresh cows. The Charcoal drawing below is drawn from the photo above.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sketchbook: Cutting Horse I

Graphite on Bristol Board 9x12. This drawing was done under the influence of starbucks caffeine LOL. It was drawn from photo of horse being shown on cattle during the EE Ranches Production Sale.

In the Kitchen: Waffle Chili Relleno

First I prepared a Waffle with Bernier garlic black olive (3 diced)
into the mix.

I cooked and drained Applewood Bacon and blistered and peeled an Anaheim (or Hatch) green chili.

Then I topped the Olive Waffle with the Bacon and stripped chili.
I then poured the scrambled egg and then green enchilada sauce over the waffle.

Then I topped with a mexican blend of cheese.

And finally I baked in oven at 350 degrees until done.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sketchbook: Afternoon at Starbucks

This afternoon while doing the laundry I went to my neighborhood Starbucks to draw. I had purchased a set of Pitts India Ink brush pens and wanted to give then a try. I started with some of my horsey images but those were not working for me. Instead I decided to sketch the interior of the Starbucks I was in. This is more of learning sketch than anything. It seemed to work so I decided to go ahead and post it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cooking: Oktoberfest

Cook some Westfalia Bratwurst in water and a slice of applewood bacon with red onion.

Add some good quality german mustard.

Add the cooked and sliced german sausage to the bacon and red onion.

Add the best saurkraut you can buy to the skillet.

Finally open an authentic Oktoberfest beer.

Sketchbook: Eggplant

Today I went to the Big Asel Art Supply Garage Sale at The Contemporary on Swiss Ave. in Dallas. I met friend and we shopped for art supplies, tried out some products including some oil paint on paper, and got few free samples of painting board. I brought home a set of India Ink drawing brush pens which I hope to try out soon. On my way home I made a slight detour and stopped at Central Market where I found this nearly perfect eggplant. In our sketching class last night we practiced with using a blending tool (tortillions) on our drawings. I was going to post it but after I drew this eggplant I thought this was a better representation than what I drew in class.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sketchbook: More Sliding Stops

This past weekend I photographed the Texas Legends Production Sale at the Waggoner Ranch Whiteface Line Camp near Electra, Texas. During this sale I had the opportunity to photograph some great horses some of which had training in Reining. The photograph above is montage of 5 of the best stopping slides I photographed from different points of view. In a continuing effort to get the drawings right I have selected the top right slide and the sketch for this is in the image below.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sketchbook: Sliding Stop Study

Well here is a replacement drawing for that last one (already removed) that really did not work as I had thought it did. This is a charcoal of the two views of same reiner in a stopping slide.