Monday, April 28, 2008

Cowboy Shooting

Sunday after Church I decided to go over the the Cowboy Collections Arena across the creek to see about the all the gunshots I had heard for the past hour. I came to find that there the Cowboy Mounted Shooting was having a show there this weekend. I arrived during a lunch break, but was able to take some photos before I had to leave for the ranch about 1pm. Using my Digital SLR in High Speed mode I was able to actually catch the cowboy and cowgirls firing their sidearms at the balloons, with subsequent fire and smoke. Although there is no actual bullet, the black powder is ejected from the shell and these tiny fragment (much like from a shotgun) are able to reach out quite a ways to pop balloons that are set in a course. I was also amazed by the efficiency of the youth balloon team as they ran out between riders and replaced the balloons in about the time it took the next rider to enter the arena. Additional Cowboy Shooting images may be seen in this Gallery.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Filly

Late this last week a new filly arrived. She is by Doc O Lena Twist out of Colena Colena. The star on her head is in the same spot as her sire, but much larger. When I arrived at the ranch today I saw her with her dam in the far NE corner of the pasture, and returned to get the photo of her with her dam. Later that evening I returned to get the photos of her laying in the pasture next to her dam. The other 3 mares in the pasture are allowed no where close to her. Anytime they get close the mare gets between them and the foal and pins her ears and shakes her head.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sketching in the Galleries: European Landscape in the style of Japanese Print

Today the sketching in the galleries class, our instructor, Michael Tole, took us first to the Asian Art Galleries where we looked at some Japanese Prints and how they use line and shading to show depth, without reflecting the true direction of lighting. When then moved to the 18th Century European Galleries where we picked an painting to draw in the style of the Japanese Prints. I picked a landscape by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1775) and focused on the castles, trees, and mountains.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Super Stakes Non-Pro Semi-Finals

Mark Pearson rides Runs With Scissors (by Smart Mate)..
Chad Bushaw rides Cats Ruby (a High Brow Cat mare).
Will Arthur rides Crossing Red River (a Hes A Peptospoonful Gelding).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Testing For the Super Stakes Sale

This afternoon I was setting up to photograph the Super Stakes Sales starting tomorrow morning. Someone turned out their horse into the arena permitting me a really good subject to test the breadth of my strobe coverage to the arena. This is a sequence of 3 images as the horse ran around the arena.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ranch/Feedlot Sorting

This weekend I went by the new Cowboy Collection Arena in Terrell, TX to scout out some equine photography opportunities and found the new Texas Ranch Sorting organization started by Gary Ivie. I had photographed this event before at a nearby arena, but this new venue is truly spectacular, with nice bright lighting and minimal backlighting to permit action photography in ambient light conditions. These two images are of Gary Ivie sorting from two different points of view. Additional images are available in this Web Gallery.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sketching in the Galleries: Julian Onderdonk Exhibit

Tonight my vote from last week led us to the Onderdonk Exhibit. I was interested in exploring the landcape in drawing. The challenge was to convert a color painting into a monochrome drawing. After searching the exhibit I found this undated landscape by Julian Onderdonk which was probably of the Texas Hill Country south of Fredericksburg, Texas. I started the drawing by blocking in the shapes with a stick of graphite and came back with my eraser to define the highlights. I finished the drawing with pencil defining the trees, rocks and foreground features.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Ranch Pasture

This pasture I wandered through the pasture with my pinhole. I goal on this trip intially was to get eye level pinhole images of some of the pasture wildflowers. On this particular trip I took along the pups for excercise and you will see them in a couple of the images in the project web gallery. Images also include Ivy on Cottonwood, Additional Paintbrush Images, Pool in Pasture, Mare images taken from ground level, and an abandoned barn image.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Late Evening Horse Pasture

One evening last week I wandered down to the lower pasture just about dusk to see what was up. The current residents of this pasture are two geldings in their early 20's and a yearling colt and filly. I found them at the very bottom of the pasture. The two youngsters and my horse, squirt, were grazing together. Badger was at the very bottom grazing by himself. I caught him here rolling to get the early spring mosquitos off.
Junior, the colt noticed that I was on the fence and came over to see what I was doing. The filly was close by but did not come over. Squirt rarely comes to the fence. He stayed and grazed on the fresh greens. Squirt and Badger have been in this lower pasture for about a year now. One of these days I am going to have to bring my tack to the ranch and see if I can catch Squirt and ride. After a bit the mosquitoes got too bad so everyone decided to head back up the hill, get a drink, and spend the night in upper part of the pasture where the mosquitoes were not quite so bad.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Night Jazz in the Atrium

Almost every Thursday night at the Dallas Museum of Art you will find a crowd gathering for Jazz in the Atrium Cafe. Under the colorful glass flowers of Dale Chihuly a jazz band of local note will assemble to present a 2 hour program of jazz. Throughout the adjacent galleries he music will reviberate entertaining guests viewing the art as well as those enjoying the food and beverage in the Atrium Cafe.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fasig-Tipton 2YO-In-Training Sale

This Filly named Trippen, seems to be shocked that she went for $115,000. She is a Texas Bred Thoroughbred 2YO Race Horse going through the Texas Fasig-Tipton Sale in Grand Prairie, Texas. I have a Gallery with many images taken at the sale, including Sales Prep, Walking Ring, Sale Ring, and Scenic Shots. After I photographed Akiane, A filly consigned by Asmussen Horse Center, sold for $160,000 (image JEA_9113 in the above gallery) I brought out my Pinhole Digital to work on my Ghost Image Series.
The image to the left is one of my favorite of the series. You can see the horse stood for a little while and then moved and stood a while longer leaving 2 ghost images. Additional images of this series can be seen in this Gallery. The bottom image was taken of a handler walking his charge in the Walking Ring. The lack of lens give an ultimate pinhole affect.