Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Visit with the Foals of 2007

This past Saturday after work I went over to visit with the foals. April is the most eager for visitors. This is one of few images I was able to get with my long lens as she came right over to visit and stuck with me as long as I was in the pasture. Since she was an orphan foal and was nursed by people for her first two weeks, she has a weak bond to her nursemare and is most interested in people.

Colena's colt on the other hand, is more reserved and while he will come to visit, is hesitant about any human touch. He and April are now fast friends, but as a colt he is a bit curious about Aprils really large Dam. I watched as he went over to the water trough and drank right next to Aprils' Clydesdale nursemare. To my surprise he walked over and took a sample to see if it was the same as normal mares milk.

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