Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween at the Texas Cutting Futurity

I was looking for signs of Halloween at the Texas Cutting Futurity here in Waco, Texas. Other than customary bowls of candy I was hard pressed until I was leaving the arena after the Open Futurity class and encountered this horse with a Halloween head band. Things have been going well this week. The cows are brought into the arena at 8am and Cutting begins about 20 minutes later after the cattle are settled. Today we finished the Open Derby and Open Futurity classes, and tomorrow the 2nd Go of the Open 5/6 yr-old and the 7 yr and up for both Open and Non-Pro is scheduled. We should be through about mid-afternoon. After the cutting I process and prepare images of the day and then head to HEB (Best Grocery Store Chain in Texas) to hunt for supper. Tonight I found some Tarragon Chicken Salad which I put over Spring Green Mix and some Spinach and Orza Pasta Salad with Olives. It went great with a cup of Pinot Girigio.


Betty said...

Love the getup on the horse. What time is dinner?

Cherokee Smith said...

How about that explosion at the show the other day...can you describe it in detail.

Anonymous said...

Hmm Just a problem with a strobe.
No problem other than a little noise.