Thursday, December 06, 2007

First New Camera Photos: Trip to the DMA

Tonight I took my new EOS-1D to see how well it worked in low light with no flash. All of these images were shot at ISO 3200.
This was my favorite of the evening. The Art is not always found just in the Galleries.
The 18th Century Galleries includes both decorative and fine art. I call this image Chair with Portrait.

I found these two masks in the Meso American Art Galleries. The first is a mask of gold, the second a mask of stone.

This is one of my favorite sculptures in the 18th Century European Galleries. It is called Turkish Horse. I have sketched it many times during the Thursday night sketching class.

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Betty said...

Jim, #2 is my favorite. I know you will be taking many more great images with your new camera :).