Friday, February 01, 2008

Chicken Green Chili Tomatillo with Blue Corn Plantain

Tonights supper featured a Chicken with Green Chili Tomatillo Sauce and Blue Corn Plantain Chips.
The Chicken with Green Chili Tomatillo Sauce was prepared with chickeb leg quarters braised with sweet onion rings in an iron skillet. After the chicken was browned I added enough chicken broth to cover all, and then added shredded oven roasted Anaheim Green Chilis. I cooked chicken til meat fell off the bones, adding the yellow squash when chicken was almost done. I served the Chicken Green Chili Tomatillo Suauce with two Central Market Bean and Cheese Tamales. The Blue Corn Plantain chips were prepared from cut squares of green plantain, dipped in egg and then dredged in blue cornmeal. I then fried the platain just like you would potatoes. I served the plantain chips with Fisher and Weiser Mango Ginger Habenero Sauce.

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