Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Night at the DMA

Tonight I took my Pinhole Digital Camera with me to Sketching class. The image to the right is an image taken at floor level of a fellow student sketching the painting on the right. Before and after class I experimented with different image ideas. The museum was quite crowded but you would not know it by looking at the image of the two figures at the base of the Big Blue Man in the Vault Gallery. You can also see the slight image of a guard to the right of the blue man. These are the only people that did not move during the 20 seconds I was taking the photo. I had lots of people walk in front of the camera, in fact I ended up having to take the camera off the ticket booth shelf I had is set on 5 sec short of time I had intended. The fact that these people moving in the gallery were almost completely invisible to the camera sampling 20 seconds of time gave sort of a "Twilight Zone" feel to the images. What if there is another dimension of life that is completely invisible to our eyes and brain because it moves too fast for us to perceive? Additional and equally intriguing images may be found in my DMA Pinhole Gallery.

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