Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Cutting Spectacular - Non-Pro Go 2

Today I headed to Ft Worth to Prepare for the Western Bloodstock Sales starting Friday Morning. After getting my strobes set up I went over to the Non-Pro Go 2 of the Summer Spectacular Derby.
I found the cowboy in the top image when I had just come into the coliseum. I took a number of side images at the floor level first. I particularly like when the horse has a good power position with front legs bent and nose level with the cow.
The cows are all against the gate waiting for the cutter to enter and push them out and pick out the best one. One of my favorite locations to shoot in Will Rogers Coliseum is high above the floor behind the working area.
I like to capture the image as the horse is staring down the cow and the horses back legs are buried in the dirt and mane is flying.

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