Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooking: Hatch Green Chili Sausage and Stirfry

This past and next weekend is the Hatch Green Chili Festival at Central Market, and I had to make a few trips to buy fresh fire roasted green chili and sausages made with these chilis. Today at the Fasig-Tipton Summer Yearling Sale, I was inspired to once again cook and post a related story. On the way home from the sale I made a stop to buy some fire roasted chilis, my favorite Fischer & Weiser Mango Ginger Habenero Sauce, and some Hatch Green Chili Pork Sausage, as well as some Purple Kholrabi for stirfry. While Boing and then browning the Hatch Green Chili Pork Sausage, I prepared the stir fry vegetables. I combined thin strips of one Purple Kholrabi, One Carrot part of a Hatch Sweet Onion, and one Hot Fire Roasted Green Chili torn into strips. I stir fried these vegetables until the Kholrabi and Carrots were about done, and then added one Yellow squash cut into strips. When the Squash was done, I added a enough of the Mango Ginger Habenero sauce to cover all the vegetables and then served over rice with the Sausage.

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