Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fun with the Puppies

These are the annual litter of Austrias Vizsla's . This litter was born Jan 7 and is not 4 weeks old. Today I brought the Viszla Puppies into the yard to play. I picked out a feisty male to be my photo model. I let him run around and play while I just kept taking photos. The top image is my favorite of the series. If you want to see some of past litters, type Vizsla puppies in the search window in the top left corner.

Supper time and Eight is enough, but there were ten. 2 had to share another bowl with mom.


Betty said...

Jim for some reason I received an alert :), very happy about this. The puppies are adorable, very nice captures. Are you keeping one?

Jo Singer said...

I gotta tell ya Jim, that the one with all the puppies gathered around the bowl is such a sweet one.

Your photos are amazing. I do hope you will be keeping one of them too.