Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DIY at DMA: Rock Music 2

This past Thursday I attended a new program at in the Dallas Museum of Art Center for Creative Connections entitled DIY@DMA (Do it Yourself at DMA). In this Third Thursday class, much like the Sketching, We are led by a professional artist. At each class we create some work of art inspired by a current exhibit. This month we were inspired by the Private Universes Exhibit and came back to the studio and created Cigar Box Collages. The idea was to start but not necessarily finish. I created a painting in a box which I later discarded by painting the inside. Today after reading a section in an art book about Cornell and his shadow box asemblages I created my own which I have entitled Rock Music 2. This is not a permanent box, and I may once again paint the inside of the box and create another assemblage.

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