Thursday, October 21, 2010

Futurity Sale Yearling Photoshoot

I had a great equine photo road trip yesterday, Oct 20, 2010 for James Eakin Futurity Sale yearlings. I started the morning in the Weatherford/Brock area with two different stops, 2 and 7 yearlings respectively, then drove through Lipan to the Houston Ranch. This trip took me through the Brazos River Valley. As I drove into the Houston Ranch the road changed to gravel and the landscape to a hilly dry land with fewer trees. As I drove into the Whitehouse division camp I found James Barten practicing roping steers. I had arrived a little earlier than I had expected. I photographed 8 yearlings in the greenest field around. While they were going for another yearling I photographed this old wagon next to a Horse Trailer and truck with horses tied waiting until we finished the shoot.

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