Thursday, August 03, 2006

Behind the Scenes at a Justin Sale Ring Auction

What happens with the camera shutter is tripped? This is sort of a behind the scenes look at a sale ring shoot. I am usually standing under the right strobe next to the steps. I have a battery powered strobe on each side of the auction stand, both set at approximately the same power. In this case the left side strobe is approximately 20% higher than the one on the right. The strobes are connected to my camera via a radio controlled device. When the shutter is tripped a radio signal is sent to both strobes simultaneously.

As the horse is led around the ring I take a photo when he is about square with me. The flowers or auctioneers gestures most often serve as an "ear raiser" but sometimes the horse is so mad about being in the ring that nothing will get the ears up.

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