Monday, August 21, 2006

Sketchbook: Trimming the Yearling

This past Saturday morning the farrier was scheduled to come and trim the hooves of all the broodmares, yearlings, and 2-year-olds and a few other horses. With the exception of one uncooperative 2yo filly most of the older horses trimmed with no problem (albeit with a little chemical calming agent). The yearlings with one exception were another matter. We have two that had not been caught and haltered since last fall or winter so had to be penned. I set up some Preifert panels to trap them. After I had 3 of the panels set up, the tamest of the two yearlings wandered in. I quickly and quietly picked up a halter and closed the panels. I was able to halter her with surprising ease. The farrier soon moved his truck and proceeded with the trimming. The broodmares were not too difficult. The tame yearling, and the captured yearling trimmed well with a little chemical calming. The final yearling turned was a bit too wild to halter so we left her for another day. In the mean time we have the task of gentling both of the wild ones. Hey Jenny, Do you gentle yearlings? The wildest of the two is a half-sister to Priscilla.

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Anonymous said...

Lol! Bring 'em on!!

Sounds like a LOT of fun!! :)