Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mid-Week Photo Trip

This past Wednesday I went on a teaching photo shoot to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Northwest Shores of White Rock Lake. Since my student is a Professional Artist, the goal of this shoot was only to teach a friend how to use her new digital camera. We first visited the Dallas Museum of art and worked on taking photos of some of the permanent collection. There are very strict rules concerning photography in the galleries, the most important of which are 1) Permanent Collection Only and 2) No Flash. There are gallery attendants that will answer any questions regarding which art work can be photographed. The biggest challenge is white balancing our images so they show the natural color with the available light source. I photographed many of my favorite art work and museum subjects and have posted them in this Gallery.

After a lunch break at Cafe on the Go at Central Market, we headed to the Northwest Shore of White Rock Lake where we worked on Outdoor subjects. While I worked in color, my student experimented with the B&W picture modes on her camera. We compared our images as we shot. The color images I captured at the lake are posted in this Gallery.

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