Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sketching in the Galleries: Early Texas Wardrobe

Tonight we went to the Early American Galleries with the assignment to draw furniture. We were draw either two drawings, or to continue with the same drawing after a mid-session review. We started with the goal to accurately deal with perspective issues. After the review we were assigned the task of accurately showing the texture of the surfaces were were drawing. After the review I continued the same drawing, working more on the wood grain and adding shadows. I finished by giving the wardrobe a sense of space, dealing with adjecent shadows and adding the candle table casting the shadow on its side. This wardrobe is from Fayatte Count Texas, manufactured the 1860-70's of cedar. The cabinet and drawer panels are painted.

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Betty said...

Wonderful!!! So life like. I could not draw a stick figure :(