Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sketching in the Galleries: Remington and Russell at the Amon Carter Museum

Today I went to Ft Worth to first watch my niece ride in the Youth Cutting, and second to work on some horse drawing studies from Remington and Russell Paintings at the Amon Carter Museum. The top drawing was my first and I failed to note which painting it was from. I chose it because it is very similar to views I encounter when I photograph Cutting horses from the side.

This sketch is from one of the Amon Carter favorites by Frederick Remington entitled "His First Lesson."

The following sketches are done in pairs to get all of the action. Both are by Charles M Russell.

This sketch is from "Loops and Swift Horses are Surer than Lead." Click on the image to see a larger view of this pair of drawings.

This pair of drawings are from "Wild Horse Hunters." I chose this image because of the complicated postion of these horses. It seems to me that these complicated images are more easily drawn than the simple side views. Click on this image to see a larger view.

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