Monday, January 11, 2010

In The Kitchen: Bison Chuck Roast

Saturday night I was grocery shopping on my way home from the ranch and found a short dated special on Bison Chuck Roast. I bought it for my Monday and Tuesday Supper. This afternoon at about 3:30 I put it in my iron skillet with 3/4 cup of water with Lipton Onion Soup, 3 Carrots peeled and cut, and 4 quartered Red Potatoes. I covered with Aluminum foil and the iron skillet top put in the oven at 275 and left to run some errands and do my laundry. When I returned at 6:30 I pulled it out of the oven an checked with my meat thermometer. The temp indicated it was done. I was a little afraid I would have tough meat, but the roast was very tender and perfectly done.

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