Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday evening in the horse pastures

Saturday evening I decided to go prospect for drawing ideas. I took my camera into the front pasture and took some photo from ground level of the the two mares eating their alfalfa. Well, my being on the ground really caught the attention of Cedar, the Thoroughbred mare and she just had to come over and see what I was doing.

She was still partially focused on her mare friend who just might be finishing off the last of the Alfalfa.

Next I moved down the hill to the broodmare pasture. There I met up with this weanling. I took a variety of photos but this one of her getting a drink was more interesting to me than some others I already had many of.

As darkness was encroaching I noticed that the gelding in the adjoining pasture had come over to see what all the commotion was about in the mares pasture.


Karissa said...

Hi Jim:

Jenny's in MN, but I read, too. :-) I'll let her know about the update.
I especially liked the photo of "the Question-mark Filly" getting a drink! Jenny REALLY liked the reiner from the previous blog, since that's what she likes.

Grace and peace,

Karissa (Jenny's mom)

Susan G. Holtzman said...

These are nice photo studies, Jim.