Saturday, September 01, 2007

In the Kitchen: Green Chili Potato Pancake, Sausage, and Egg

Early this week I had mashed potatoes, so with leftovers I decided it was time for my favorite Potato Pancakes. As usual I take the leftover mashed potatoes, add milk (goat), and multi-grain pancake mix until I have enough to make a good potato pancake batter. I then added a fresh fire roasted (hot) Hatch Green Chili (shredded) and about 4 Black Bernier Olives. I mixed the added ingredients into the batter and then made 3 large pancakes. I then cooked an egg over easy and placed it on a plate with a potato pancake and some pork sausage with Baby Bella Mushrooms sliced which I had cooking while mixing the batter. I then poured green chili enchilada sauce over all and served.

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