Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Pastures

New Foal by Doc O Lena Twist out of Colonel Freckles mare
Monday we moved all of the yearlings and mares with foals into the lower pasture. There was lots of celebrating among the yearlings with quite a few pasture tours and sampling of fresh grass. They had pretty much cleared their other pasture of all but the shortest blades. The Colonel Freckles mare was not all that happy about the newest entrants but an understanding was met between her and the juveniles that they were to keep their distance from her new foal.
Click to see images of the horses in the New Pastures.

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Pat DesChane said...

Hi JIm,
What wonderful photos!! I can relate to your photography. Horses are the
most incredible animal in the world!Your photos of the babies are truly wonderful and such great color and light. I usto shoot the cutting horses a few years back. What an experience to watch them in action through a 200 mm lens. One can watch their expression as they try to bluff the cow away from them. I don't shoot anymore cause I wanted to ride them instead. Have you ever rode a cutting horse yet in your career? Keep up the wonderful blog site, as I will keep in touch.
Pat DesChane- Washington State