Thursday, April 13, 2006

Super Stakes Show and Sale

After running errands and getting car maintenance service done, I finally made it to Ft Worth about 4:30p. First thing I put out some business cards and went over to the exhibit area to visit with vendor friends. After the Western Mercantile closed I headed over to Will Rogers and took some photos. I started way up in the stands shooting down, then moved to the arena level and took side shots. Here are some sample images from the Non-Pro Semi-finals.

Next I headed over to the Watt Arena where the Western Bloodstock Sale will take place tomorrow morning and set up my light stands and tested on all my lighting systems. I am using two strobes. One pointing down the walking lane where all the mares with babies, and young untrained horses The other Strobe is pointing at the working area where the cutting horses in training will be shown while they are sold. Ever time I set up for one of these sales the pen configuration is a little different and I have to find the best way to set up the light stands. This time I had to bring out my handy gaffers tape and fasten it directly to the cattle panel without extending the legs. I can't have any horses coming through and tripping on my equipment. Well, Panera bread is about to close so I better as well.


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My,my. You lead an interesting life. JEA 76