Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sketching in the Galleries

Thursday evening I spend at the Dallas Museum of Art in a class called Sketching in the Galleries. This is a great program in which each month a different local artist leads us in sketching excercises. The sketchbook view above is a contour drawing of a Japanese Sculpture. We started with blind (draw but don't look) contour excercises but finished with a drawing where we could look but not pick up the pencil. I cheated on that point a bit. The drawing below is a color contrast excercise in the Roman Galleries. I chose a Roman head and dealt with shape and color contrasts.

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Susan G. Holtzman said...

This seems like such a worthwhile program, Jim. Exposure to lots of different artists whose work we respect is certainly essential. I look forward to my "en plein air" drawing workshops with Michael Anderson. I love the outdoor painting experience!