Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rafter J Colt Starting Challenge

This past Saturday Rafter J Cowboy Church in Terrell, TX Sponsored a Colt Starting Challenge. Three gelding colts out of a herd of 6 blue roan Hancock bred QH were chosen by draw and the Clinicians, John Crow, Jenny Jess, and Steve Smith drew for the roundpen in which these colts were placed. The Clinicians were to start each of these colts in a morning one hour session and an afternoon two hour session, and then ride a trail course.
Prizes were awarded for the best roundpen work, the best trail course rider, and best overall. Jenny Jess won the Round pen portion, John Crow won the best trail course as well as the best overall in colt starting. The following photos demonstrate what was accomplished in the day of Colt Starting.
Steve Smith has just saddled his colt for the first time.
About one hour later he was standing on his back and cracking a whip. I will post a link to some images as soon as I have completed the editing process.


Susan said...

Nice photos of the activities, Jim!

Susan said...

Good job writing about this event, giving readers insight into what these clinicians do. Great promotion!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting