Friday, September 05, 2008

Arabians in Country Pleasure

One of my favorite classes to photograph when I have been working the Arabian Horse Shows in past years is Country Pleasure. When I realized that the annual Texas State Fair USEF Show was Friday night, I decided that I had to go and get some images I don't usually get when I photograph as the Official Show Photographer. I decided to focus on a study of the Country Pleasure riders showing different perspectives, all with the classic left leg up position that only happens in when the horses are in the trot gaits.
Another aspect of this class I enjoy is the classic dress with hat and coattails. These are such formal classes.
Each time I photograph a show other than those I am the official photographer, I always make it a point to check in and visit as time allows, first to let them know what I am shooting for, and then to learn how they shoot horse shows. There is always something to learn and opportunities to network. If you are looking for photos of your ride at the Texas State Fair USEF show, please visit Don Stine's website at

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