Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sketching in the Galleries: Eve in the Garden

Tonight we had our 3rd Thursday sketching at at the Nasher Scupture Center. Since there was a special private event tonight, we went into the scupture garden where we were to pick a landscape. Since we were outdoors I had the option of using pastels, which I planned for. I brought a box of NuPastel and a few sheets of Art Spectrum Color Fix (tinted) paper. Since we were sketching in teh last hour of the day, I chose a paper with a dark tint so I could sketch for night. I chose a landscape with Rodin's "Eve" in the foreground and Richard Serras' "My Curves are not Mad" in the backgroud. I spent the first part of the evening working on the basic sketch since soon it would be difficult to see the the details of my subject. I then began with the pastels blocking in the scene. As the light faded the sculpture and tree lighting came on completely changing the scene. I used my yellow and light blue pastel to bring out the highlights. When I had nearly finished I noticed the Richard Serra's "Curves" had lots of shadow from the trees. I came back and added the light spilling on the Curves and added the shadows of the trees.

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