Friday, June 16, 2006

Dealing with the Crowds

After I get some house cleaning and photography chores done today I am thinking of going downtown to the monthly Late Nights event at the Dallas Museum of Art on DART Light Rail. The last time I rode DART to the Late Nights event and encountered packed cars. I felt like I was one of the cows in the photo to the left. Tonight there will be a concert by Los Lobos in addition to the many other Late Nights Events. I was at the museum last night for Sketching in the Galleries but have nothing I am willing to post so the crowd of cows will have to substitute. Last nights drawing assignment was to choose a sculpture in the Hindu or Buddhist galleries and draw. I am still learning how to draw figures and proportions and detailing features were getting in my way. Hopefully we will be in a different gallery next week as I and many others are pretty tired of those galleries.

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