Friday, June 02, 2006

NCHA Weekend

All over the US and Canada during the next two days (June 3-4) there will be cutting horse shows in each of the 24+ areas. Members of affiliates of each area will gather at one central location for that area and have a huge cutting. At one time this was done on one day, but with the number of cutters that day went into a second. Now NCHA Day has been renamed NCHA Weekend and in many areas a limited age event starts the weekend on the preceding Friday. Saturday sometime during the day there will be a traditional BBQ with brisket, sausage, beans, potato salad and desert. There will be time for all cutters to get a plate, although some may be eating theirs on their horse waiting for their ride, or to herdhold or turnback for clients. I will be photographing the Area 24 Cutting in Athens, Texas over the next few days. The photos you see were taken during the limited age event preceding the weekend event.

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