Thursday, June 29, 2006

Evening at the Ranch

I have been spending the last few nights at the ranch. Evenings are the best time out there. The heat has been turned down a few notches, the color is enhanced by the setting sun passing through the layer of dust, and the horses are refreshed after a day of resting in the shade. After a day of work, I head down the hill to the lower pasture to visit with the mares younger mares and colts. The filly above is a yearling. She and another yearling filly pasturemate are fast friends and it is almost rare to see her far enough from the other to get her photo alone. The filly with the question mark on her head is this years foal. She was born in early March. She dam has raised her without fear of people so she is now willing to come up and check out my camera, and even enjoys a good withers and butt scratch. This filly was following me around, all the time with a question on her mind about what I was up to.


Charlie said...

Amazing pictures, your ranch looks unreal. you are very lucky

Jim Arnold said...

I wish it was mine, but it does belong to my brother and his family. My horse lives there, and I spend lots of time there working, riding, and taking photos.