Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Post-Show orders, Postcards and fence-mending

This past Saturday I attended the Rose Country Cutting Horse Show, not to photograph but to sell photos I took during the NCHA Weekend. I came home with a stack of orders which I have already submitted and are now ready to pick up from the lab. I make an effort to get my orders out within two weeks, and sometimes am able to mail out by Thursday. I have a couple of Fathers Day photos so I want to make sure they can be in the hands of my customer on or before Saturday.

This week I have also been finishing up the Annual Texas Cutting Futurity Postcard as seen in the headline photo Preparing promotional postcards is quite and effort. Design and preparation for 4-color press production is critical and requires several folks to read front and back to make sure of accurate writing, dates, and image placement. Today I will go to press office and pay for the postcard production with a quick stop at Full Color to pick up my photo orders. I am amazed at how quickly I am able to pick up photos after I drop them off at lab.

Tuesday was my ranch work day. I was in charge of a project to remove and replace 5 horse-ruined PVC fence posts. The Day was hot and the ground was hard. We spent quite a bit of time getting those old posts out of the ground, and even more time breaking up and removing old concrete. Hopefully these posts will last a bit longer than the last.

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