Sunday, January 06, 2008

Photographing Vizsla Puppies

Today I brought my camera to the ranch in hopes of getting some photos of the month old Vizsla puppies. We had a great warm day to put the puppies out to enjoy the sun. My niece Austria was playing with some of the pups and the others were running around the yard. I laid down on the grass and captured these images of some of the pups.

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Rocket said...

These pics remind me of our Rocket when we brought him home. Now he's just celebrated his 1st birthday and he weighs in at 62lbs and 24" tall however he still thinks he's a "lap dog". Photography is something I dabble in has a hobby. I'd love to spend more time doing it but so far I can't pay the bills with it. I know what I'll be doing in retirement and I'm sure Rocket will still be hamming it up as my favorite subject.