Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tamales with Spinach Tomatillo Sauce, Fried Plantains

Tonight I decided to create a Spinach Tomatillo Sour Cream Sauce for some Central Market Tamales I had. I fried first about 4 tomatillos cut up with 2 garlic pods and pearl red onion sliced. After the tomatillos were soft I added about 1/2 bag of cut up spinach. I cooked to the spinach was done, and then added light sour cream.
While the Sauce was cooking I cut a yellow skin plantain into 4 slices which I coated with pastry flour and fried until light brown in olive and canola oil. After the plantains were done I set them on paper towel to soak up excessive oil. I put tamales and plantains on plate and then topped the tamales with the sauce.

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