Friday, May 05, 2006

Bluebonnet Stakes - Day 1

Cosmo FloToday the first go Open Classic (5/6 yo) and Derby (4yo) classes were held. Cosmo Flow with Kathy Daughn riding was the top horse with a score of 147. Hickory Indian Squaw with Roy Carter riding was top horse in the Derby, also with a score of 147. Hickory Indian Squaw

Tomorrow the Non-Pro Limited Age events will be held after the the Open, Non-Pro, 10,000 NH, and Youth Classes. I was photographing inside the cutting pen right below the video stand. I really am not a big fan of shooting in the cutting pen as I have to keep an eye on the cattle running in my direction. As the day wears on the cows tend to escape the cutter by running straight away ... in my direction. I am having to continually fan them off with my hat.

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