Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bluebonnet Stakes is complete

Bluebonnet Stakes is over and the Open Classic Winner is Aggies Twelfth Man ridden by Roy Carter and owned by Missy Gardner. Everyone had a tough time in the finals as the cattle were on the wild side and any settling was quickly undone by cutters flushing the herd. I was continually having to stop and wave back cows as they flushed straight away from the cutter. Cutters in the last two or three classes of the day had the hardest time showing their horses.

My return trip to Dallas was quite nice. I left Brenham about 6pm after a brief stop at the only Starbucks within miles. The trip through Navasota to Madisonville was quite beautiful with green rolling hills and lots of wildflowers at the best time of the day for light. I wish I had time to stop to take some photos. I will be back in the area in only 2 weeks for the ACHA Weekend at Nueces Canyon.

I spent all day Monday preparing proofs for my website and finally got the links unkinked about midnight. All proofs are ready at www.americascutter.com. I have sent all orders placed during the show to the lab and will submit all orders sent
after the show in batches of 4 or more. Tomorrow I will be at the ranch mowing grass that I just mowed last week but will be back home on Thursday to pick up and mail orders.


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