Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Supper time for the Remuda

One of the more pleasurable chores at the ranch is feeding the horses. Can you imagine feeding from the horses point of view. They see the cart coming full of alfalfa and grain twice a day and the excitement begins. When I feed the 3-year-olds they try to pick out their own flake of alfalfa, and often succeed. They pull it out and I put their scoop of grain on top. The most exciting group to feed is the remuda of mares with foals and the three yearlings. There is lots of competition and inspection of each portion put before them. They always think that the others got a better flake of alfalfa and more hay than the others. They only ones that really got a better flake and more grain are the mares, and they will effectively defend, yet take time to check out the others take, just in case. All it takes is pinned ears and a shake of the head and the yearlings move over and make room. The yearlings often fight amongst themselves. The chocolate dun is particularly defensive about her feed and will often kick out at any of the other two who approach. It is always advisable to keep an eye on this filly and make sure you don't get in the cross fire. Click to see a selection of photos of the remuda.

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